First Photography Workshop after Lockdown

We’ve enjoyed our first photography workshops after lockdown. Photography workshops are now back on the agenda. After a long, frustrating break due to the virus outbreak and months of lockdown, it was a joy to welcome four photographers to Ludlow for an Evening Photography Walk.

Getting back to normal – four photographers joined my first photography workshop since lockdown for an Evening Photography Walk in Ludlow

Two of the photographers booked on the photography walk decided to opt for a future date in 2021. A decision that was respected and understood.

Confidence to enjoy your photography again

However, after the success of the evening in Ludlow, I now feel much more confident that these photography workshops and walks can go ahead safely and enjoyably.

Social distancing is perfectly feasible during these workshops. I admit it is unnatural for me not to just pick up and handle my students’ cameras so that I can help with settings. But that’s just the way it has to be. The emphasis has to be on how to see and capture better pictures.

That Light Monkey’s back…

The pleasure of being out and about again with our cameras was enhanced even more with lovely evening light and kind weather. I was able to demonstrate to the photographers exactly how to use high quality directional light. Okay, I admit it, this is a favourite subject of mine. On a brief evening photography walk there isn’t time to do a full installation of my famous ‘Light Monkey’ but hopefully I’ll be able to do that on another workshop.

A beautiful evening in Ludlow – a perfect time to introduce my famous ‘Light Monkey’. Photograph by Philip Dunn

Street photography opportunities

These Evening Photography Walks are really just that – an opportunity to have a gentle stroll in a lovely place while capturing pictures as you go. They enable me to pass on lots of photo technique tips and ideas and, hopefully, to inspire photographers to take more pictures. They are designed to be fun.

Of course, no opportunity is missed to capture pictures of people in the street, and in a relaxed town like Ludlow – so used to visitors – this is a good place to learn and gain confidence.

Relaxation all round – Ludlow is a great place to make a start with Street Photography. Photograph by Philip Dunn

Photographers’ comments

I received this email from James Warman, one of the photographers on the Ludlow Evening Photography Walk…

“Just wanted to say thanks for a great evening yesterday. It was so good to get out again with other like minded people taking photos, and your pearls of wisdom and insight was so inspiring.”

Thank you James – I hope to see you again on a future Photography Workshop.

Another photographer, Linda Hargreaves, sent me some of her cracking pictures and emailed:

“I felt very comfortable and very much enjoyed my evening with like minded people. Whilst we took care to social distance we were still able to benefit from your friendly advice, guidance and expertise. It felt very relaxed.

I’d been looking forward to my evening for ages and it didn’t disappoint. I’d never have managed to get those shots on my own. I feel I have come away with some understanding of light, the importance of the direction of it for the shot and composition, including stepping back! I’ve never appreciated how a window reflection can make a picture and will work on that.”

Jane Bennetto commeted:

“I enjoyed the evening in Ludlow very much and learnt some good tips.
With few people walking about it enabled us to concentrate on buildings and the surroundings.

“Hopefully your Shrewsbury days will go ahead, I hope to see you there and other events you organise in the future.”

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