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William was keen to show me the sailmaker’s palm used by his grandfather and still in use today. This was the ideal opportunity to take a close-up of his strong-work-calloused hands. I preferred this in black and white. Photography by Philip Dunn

Photographing craftsmen and women

Photographing craftsmen and women is, for me, always a joy. Call them artisans, makers, or skilled workers, these are the capable people who can create things with their hands. Practical, dexterous and accomplished, they are…

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Read more about the article Nervous of photographing people in the street
The chap didn'r see me photographing him groping about in the water, but when he grabbed a fish in his bare hands, spotted the camera and showed off his catch with a great big smile on his face

Nervous of photographing people in the street

Too nervous for Street Photography? Are you nervous of photographing people in the street? Frightened they may see you pointing a camera at them? Just what's the first thing to do if your subject spots…

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A fun candid shot of a butcher chatting on the phone in Shrewsbury's wonderful indoor market hall. It was taken during one of our Street Photography Workshops. Photograph by Philip Dunn.

NEW Street Photography Workshop date

Here's a NEW date for the next Photography Workshop with Philip Dunn Street Photography Workshops in Shrewsbury  - the next workshop will be on Saturday 26th January 2019. From 9.30am to 12.30am. So something special…

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The shutter was opened, the maroon was launched, the flash was fired and the shutter was closed. Simplicity itself. No fancy cables or wireless channels. Just old-fashioned photographic techniques that always work

Time exposure with flash

Vintage photo tricks still work today The simple photography technique of using a time exposure with flash goes way back to the days of flash powder and glass plates. And it's just as effective and…

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Can you tell me where this photograph was taken? The church in the background should be a clue, but I cannot remember where it was

Where was this photograph taken?

Can you help and tell me identify this vintage image Where was this photograph taken? I'm having trouble identifying the place. I certainly don't know the identity of the lady gardener. I've been sifting though…

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Landscape Photography in the Shropshire Hills. Brian Pierce on his Shropshire one-to-one photography course. The weather closed in soon after this picture was taken - but not before we had managed to get some good photographs of this wonderful scenery

Shropshire One-to-One Photography

It's been a busy time with the Shropshire one-to-one photography courses this last few weeks, and I've certainly had to cover a wide range of interests and needs from the photographers On my Shropshire One-to-One…

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Mixed light photograph of the English Bridge in Shrewsbury. A 5 sec exposure has given a pleasant silky look to the flowing water of The River Severn

Night Photography in Shrewsbury

Night Photography Shrewsbury I've been meaning to do some night photography in Shrewsbury for weeks, and last night I got my chance. I had nothing special in mind, just a gentle stroll around the town…

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