Night Photography Workshop

I did my first Night Photography Workshop last night after a lockdown break of many months.

What a pleasure to be out again in the evening meeting keen photographers and introducing them to the joys of taking pictures in the dark. I was determined to go ahead with the evening despite having just two photographers.

night photography workshop shrewsbury
Concentrating on their photography in the back alleys of Shrewsbury old town – my two students during their Night Photography Workshop. Photograph by Philip Dunn


Over the last few months, this particular Night Photography Workshop has been fully booked at least twice. Then, quite understandably, people have cancelled because of covid worries and lockdown regulations. Let’s hope things are on the up and we can get back to normal.

I have now fixed another Night Photography Workshop – way ahead on 26th October¬† – so by that time I’m sure everything will be much more normal and we have our usual six photographers joining us. BOOK NOW to be sure of your place.

night photography Shropshire
Exploring the old alleyways and lanes of Shrewsbury can create tremendously atmospheric images… and you’ll get to know your tripod so much better. Photograph by Philip Dunn

Eerie light and atmosphere

It always gives me a buzz to introduce photographers to the wonders of capturing atmospheric images at night, and the back lanes and alleys of Shrewsbury are ideal for that. There are cobbles and iron railings – and old-fashioned street lamps casting patches of eerie light. Everything you need for an interesting night photography workshop.

Light trails

I learned last night how much fun it could be teaching photographers to capture car light trails with long exposures. We had the added bonus of a police car screaming past with its blue lights flashing – great fun.



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