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Mixed light photograph of the English Bridge in Shrewsbury. A 5 sec exposure has given a pleasant silky look to the flowing water of The River Severn

Night Photography in Shrewsbury

Night Photography Shrewsbury I've been meaning to do some night photography in Shrewsbury for weeks, and last night I got my chance. I had nothing special in mind, just a gentle stroll around the town…

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Philip Dunn's students get to grips with the technique of using mixed-light

Mixed Light Photography

HOW TO USE MIXED LIGHT Ever wondered how to create those wonderful atmospheric photographs where golden light from a house window streams into the cold, blue light of the street? You must have seen them…

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Mixing the high temperature blue light of early evening with the yellow of artificial tungsten light has added considerably to the atmosphere of this photograph taken for You Magazine

Photo Technique Articles

Photo Technique Articles The old PhotoActive website blog had a vast store of photo technique articles. I am starting here with a clean sheet - a new website, a new base here in Shropshire - and…

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