Photography courses are starting again

My photography courses are starting again. Hooray!

As we come carefully out of lockdown restrictions, I feel able to start up my photography courses again. I did my first one-to-one photography course the other day when I welcomed Kathryn for a morning of photography tuition. Tomorrow I welcome a photographer from south Shropshire for a one-to-one session.

photography stuedent on one-to-one photography course with Philip Dunnin Shropshire
Kathryn – my first one-to-one photography student for several months. The sun shone when we spent some time photographing the flowers around the village church

Working outdoors – a bit chilly

We are having to use an outdoor workshop for these one-to-one photography courses until restrictions ease further and we all feel comfortable working indoors. It’s not ideal, and right now it’s decidedly chilly out there with all the workshop doors wide open, but we wrap up warm and at least we are all doing what we enjoy again.

So things are looking up.

I got a lovely message back from Kathryn after our one-to-one photography session…

“I just wanted to say thank you for your patient and inspirational tuition.”

Wildlife photography inspiration

In fact Kathryn did much to inspire me, too. She loves photographing the wildlife on the farm where she lives, and showed me a beautiful picture she had captured of the hares that are so common on the farm – lucky lady. Below is that picture, with thanks to Kathryn for letting me post it here.

wildlife photography
Kathryn’s photograph of three hares on her parent’s farm. Photograph by Kathryn Thelwell


Re-starting the photography workshops

On Wednesday 7th April I have a Night Photography workshop in Shrewsbury – outdoors with a maximum of 5 photographers – and on Saturday I will resume the first of my Street Photography Workshops – again with just 5 photographers.

More Workshops to come

Now that things are improving, I will get down to arranging some more photography workshops here in beautiful Shropshire. It’s so good that the photography courses are starting again and things are getting back to normal – let’s all take extra care and make sure it continues.

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