Photography Courses in Shrewsbury

Photography Courses in Shrewsbury

It’s taken a couple of years, but, at last I’m in a position to ‘get out more’ and again start sharing my lifelong passion for photography. I’ve started by running Photography Courses in Shrewsbury.

For 15 years until 2016 we ran countless photography courses, 121s and workshops in the lovely town of Kirkcudbright in SW Scotland. The people there were so delightful that it was a joy to take my students through the town taking pictures in the street. People, buildings, the harbour, churches, fishing boats, the river – anything and everything that caught our eye. Nobody ever objected.

Photo Exhibition – Your Town

In fact, we never – not once – met with any objections or unpleasantness during these walks with our cameras. It was so good, and I was so grateful to the people of Kirkcudbright that I held a photo exhibition ‘Your Town’ with a display of some of the pictures I had taken while working alongside my students. There are around 4000 inhabitants in Kirkcudbright – 2500 of them came to the exhibition. It says it all. They even insisted I publish a book of the photographs, and so I did. It was a sell-out.

street photography,shrewsbury
Dog walker on Porthill Bridge – what a great spot to photograph people in Shrewsbury


Imagine my delight then, when – with great trepidation – I ventured out into the streets of Shrewsbury for the first time with a student to cover Street Photography.

How would Shrewsbury people react to the camera?

street photography,ukelele,shrewsbury,market
Happy to play his ukulele while having his picture taken, this jolly chap is on his stall in the indoor Market Hall


Photographs of people

The answer is that the people of Shrewsbury responded in the most positive way possible – for the most part, people just let us get on with taking pictures and took no notice of us (perfect) or they responded with interest and a welcome for an idea that they believed was ‘good for the town’ and would bring more visitors.

Reading room in the indoor Market Hall in Shrewsbury. Regular browsers look for a bargain in the market


Now where have I heard that before – yes, Kirkcudbright in Bonnie Galloway.

Photography Courses in Shrewsbury
There are interesting corners and angles almost everywhere you look in Shrewsbury



So now I have a date fixed my first Photography Workshops in Shrewsbury – Saturday 21st April. We’ll do a daytime workshop, and then an evening ‘Mixed Light’ session. There are just 3 places left.

Find out more about these workshops

More dates will follow, with plans to run courses in Ludlow and in the Shropshire Hills.

Of all the venues in Shrewsbury that produced the most interesting pictures, the indoor Market Hall was tops. The student and I (he just happened to be a cancer research professor with a passion for photography) had a great time in there. Everyone was so welcoming. There was no ducking away, just a positive, fun response to having their pictures taken. Of course we respect people who do not want to be photographed for whatever reason. But the customers and stallholders in the market just enjoyed the moment. It makes me think I have found a great place for the Photography Courses in Shrewsbury.



Window shopping in Shrewsbury – maybe they’ll find that special gift


So, thank you, market stallholders and the people of Shrewsbury. You were great – and I look forward to bringing more visiting photographers to your town.



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  1. Marcus Watkin

    Are you running any more courses in shrewsbury at all, I am keen to improve my methods with my 80D!
    The only down inside is I’m a wheelchair user so ‘country photography’ is quite often beyond me, but I like taking ‘people shots’ and would like to get some tuition from someone with Experiance

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