Street Photography on the beach


As it’s Valentine’s Day, I thought I would give this old picture another airing. Well, today is all about lovers, after all, so what about a spot of Valentine’s Day photography – and what could be more pleasant than photographing lovers on the beach – even if it was a very misty and chilly beach.

Lovers on the beach – a really intimate picture of two people cuddling up together on a chilly beach near Kirkcudbright in Scotland


Canon Powershot compact digital

I took this picture while working alongside one of my one-to-one photography students in Scotland a few years ago. It was captured on one of my favourite little cameras – a Canon Powershot 500.

It’s always a good idea to keep a little compact camera about you wherever you go. Yes, I know phone cameras are wonderful these days – I often use one myself – but there’s something special about using a real little camera. This little Canon is ideal and the image quality has proved outstanding

…and yes, they did know I was taking their photograph. They saw me approaching and I begged them not to move because they looked so lovely together. They were very content!

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Happy Valentine’s Day.


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