Photo Technique Articles

Photo Technique Articles

The old PhotoActive website blog had a vast store of photo technique articles. I am starting here with a clean sheet – a new website, a new base here in Shropshire – and a new plan for the photography courses and workshops.

But all those photo-technique articles are just as valid now as they were before. I know for certain that they have helped countless photographers. So my plan is to re-post them here over time. There are many new articles planned to help you improve your photography and enable you to capture on camera what you see with your eyes – they see the world in very different ways.

Mixed light photography workshops

As the first of my evening workshops will be to explore the wonders of ‘Mixed Light’ photography, I thought I would kick of with a post about colour temperature and how it can help you create some interesting images, like the atmospheric photograph here taken for You Magazine at the dog races.

mixed-light-photography-dog-races-you-magazine,photo technique articles
Mixing the high temperature blue light of early evening with the yellow of artificial tungsten light has added considerably to the atmosphere of this photograph taken for You Magazine. Photograph by Philip Dunn


If you’d like to put all this technique into practice, you can join me in Shrewsbury at 7.30pm on the evening of April 21st 2018 for an evening Photography Workshop covering the wonders of ‘Mixed Light’ photography.

Many of these photo technique articles appeared in Amateur Photographer Magazine some while ago. Future posts will cover a very wide range of subjects such as…

  • Composition
  • Direction and Quality of Light
  • Action photography
  • Landscape
  • Portraiture

.. plus how to photograph trees, still life, fog, reflections, sparks, sunsets, waterfalls and much more.

So let’s start with that ‘Mixed Light’ Photography.

Meanwhile you can improve your photography on a 121 photography course or a photography workshop with Philip Dunn in Shropshire


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