The Philip Dunn Collection

The London-based Mary Evans Picture Library is to give a permanent home to The Philip Dunn Collection.

Mary Evans Picture Library

The core of this large collection of mainly vintage images is the work I covered for The Sunday Times from the 1980s until the mid-1990s. It is mostly black and white, but there are many colour images as well.

This body of work covers locations all over the world, but mainly Britain and Europe. Subject matter ranges from children in the street to miners at the coal face, Irish pubs and Indian hospitals. Most would fall under the category of Street Photography.

The Mary Evans Picture Library images cover a broad range of topics and subject, which, although coming under the umbrella classification of history, in fact extend far beyond most people’s perception of historical pictures.

Historic photographer

I suppose this means I’m an historic photographer!

The Philip Dunn Collection Mary Evans Picture Library
One of the many hundreds of vintage images that will form the Philip Dunn Collection with The Mary Evans Picture Library. This picture, entitled ‘I can’t bare it’, dates back to 1970. Photograph by Philip Dunn

Some of my pictures in The Philip Dunn Collection go back as far as the late 1960s – you have to bear in mind that I had my first picture published in a newspaper when I was just 14 years old, and I have been earning my living from my camera ever since. So, yes, I suppose I am a bit historic.

I look forward to an enjoyable and productive association the Mary Evans Picture Library.

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