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photographing in fog - colour saturation and shadows are drastically reduced

Photography in fog

Foggy conditions can tranform almost any setting into a beautiful, mysterious or ominous scene. Photography in fog can be hugely rewarding if you get it just right. However, there are some adjustments needed to your…

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Even a poor Balinese fisherman gathering supper for his family will stop to appreciate the beauty of a sunset over the sea. Don’t be afraid to point your camera straight into the light in these situations. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Photograph by Philip Dunn

Photographing sunsets

There’s more to photographing sunsets than just capturing the colour. Philip Dunn reveals how you can inject more visual appeal, drama and romance into your sunset pictures.   Composition and good camera craft Sunsets have…

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Precise timing has caught the exact moment when this beach tumbler's fingers have touch the sand. It's a photographer's skill that does not need 'continuous' shooting mode

Capturing the action

There’s more to capturing the action than simply freezing the movement by using a fast shutter speed and shooting at 10 frames per second. Philip Dunn explains that good action photography starts with anticipation and…

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William was keen to show me the sailmaker’s palm used by his grandfather and still in use today. This was the ideal opportunity to take a close-up of his strong-work-calloused hands. I preferred this in black and white. Photography by Philip Dunn

Photographing craftsmen and women

Photographing craftsmen and women is, for me, always a joy. Call them artisans, makers, or skilled workers, these are the capable people who can create things with their hands. Practical, dexterous and accomplished, they are…

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The shutter was opened, the maroon was launched, the flash was fired and the shutter was closed. Simplicity itself. No fancy cables or wireless channels. Just old-fashioned photographic techniques that always work

Time exposure with flash

Vintage photo tricks still work today The simple photography technique of using a time exposure with flash goes way back to the days of flash powder and glass plates. And it's just as effective and…

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PICTURE A Where does your eye go when you first look at this picture? There are clear triangle within this composition

Good Picture Composition

HOW CAN YOU IMPROVE YOUR PICTURE COMPOSITION? How to achieve good picture composition – the first thing to realise is that good picture composition does not have to be confined to landscape photography. All pictures,…

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It's not just the old man's face and beard that brings impact to this portrait. I is the strong side light. That's what is emphasizing the texture of his skin. I deliberately positioned my subject beside a small window. Photography by Philip Dunn

Understanding Light – its direction

THE DIRECTION OF LIGHT Good light is the photographer’s most vital yet least understood ingredient. It’s more important than a whole bagful of expensive gear. Let's get to grips with the direction of light. Let’s…

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