Photo Competition Success


I'm happy to report more success for my photography students.



This time it's my photo student John Dean, from Manchester who has won the award for the Best Picture in the annual competition between the Cheshire camera clubs Romiley and Hyde.

John is a member of the Hyde club, and although he won the Best Picture, the Romiley Camera Club won overall.

John Dean's picture was taken on the harbourside here in Kirkcudbright during a Photography Weekend earlier this year.

  • Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mk 2
  • ISO: 1000
  • Shutter Speed: 1/125sec
  • Aperture: f/4.5

Right: John Dean's competition-winning picture taken during a Photography Weekend with Philip Dunn in Kirkcudbright

"I am, to say the least, absolutely delighted," says John, who has been to several of my Photography Courses.

The Photography Weekends in Kirkcudbright are based at the lovely Selkirk Arms Hotel and the cost of £409 includes everything from tuition, meals, coffees and even a welcome drink of your choice. There are no single supplements and non-participants are made very welcome.


Left: Photographer John enjoying his competition success

We get out and about in the town and visit some incrediblly photogenic – and secret – venues.

There are still places available on the next Photography Weekend comning up on February 7-9th 2014 – so BOOK NOW.

I can't promise you'll be successful every time in your camera club compeetitions, but I can promise you some excellent photography tuition – and a lot of fun.


Above: Photographers hard at work during their Photography Weekend Break in Kirkcudbright SW Scotland. These photo weekends are a great opportunity to learn and share with like-minded photo enthusiasts – and enjoy the benefit of full professional tuition at every step

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Extra Photo Workshop Carlisle Cathedral

The Photography Workshop at Carlisle Cathedral March 1st 2014 is now fully booked.

I have arranged another date for the following week – March 8th.

So book now for this very special day of photography in one of England's most beautiful cathedrals.

Carlisle Cathedral is just a short distance from the mainline railway station and there are lots of excellent B+Bs in the town nearby.

Carlisle Cathedral Photography Workshop


Picture in Print for Photo Student


Another success for my student Gerwyn Jones – his motor-sport action picture has been published in Morgan Magazine.


Above: Action piicture by Gerwyn Jones


It's always a great feeling to see your pictures in print, and Gerwyn is delighted with his publication in the News section of the magazine.

The picture was taken at Crystal Palace during 'Motor Sport At The Palace' racing event earlier this year.

Gerwyn is a regular student of mine and has been to several Photography Courses over the past few years. He will be coming again to Menorca in September for the Photography Holiday.

Well done Gerwyn – keep up the good work.

Photography Holidays Menorca

Photography Courses


One Place Only on Cathedral Photo Workshop

There is just one place available for the Photography Workshop in Carlisle Cathedral March 1st 2014.

This a is a very special day of photography in one of the most glorious cathedrals in England.

The cost for the day including the tuition is just £60

You will be free to take pictures inside the cathedral itself and I will be there to help and guide you throughout the day.

We have exclusive use of a beautiful and historic room as our base and you will be allowed to use your tripods inside the cathedral.

The picture right shows the view of Carlisle Cathedral from The Prior's Study – which we use as a base and conference room.

Carlisle Cathedral is just a few minutes walk from the mainline railway station and, if you are coming some distance, there are lots of excellent B&Bs in the city.

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Joe Dodgson – Stranraer Camera Club

I am deeply saddened to learn that Joe Dodgson of Stranraer Camera Club has died.

Joe Dodgson Stranraer Camera Club

Joe, the club's Internal Competition Secretary, was a true gentleman in every sense and I know he will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Joe attended several of my Photography Workshops here in Kirkcudbright and his long-standing passion for photography was obvious.

For some years I have judged competitions at  the club and it was always a joy to work with Joe.

Our thoughts are with Gerry.

Right: Joe Dodgson – he will be missed




Photography at the Zoo

Our old friend Gerwyn Jones has been busy with his new camera.

Gerwyn is a regular on my Photography Holidays in Menorca and he recently downsized his camera gear from heavy DSLRs to a little FinePix HS50EXR. And he loves it.

A charming shot by Gerwyn Jones using his Fujifilm Finepix HS50EXR with its incredible zoom lens.

zoo photography - tiger by Gerwyn Jones

Gerwyn tells me he has no more aching backs and he is much more likely to get out and about with his camera now that he is travelling light.

He recently spent a day at London Zoo and produced two cracking pictures with his new camera.

Left: Considering that this close-up of a tiger was taken at ISO1600, the quality is excellent. Photograph by Gerwyn Jones

With its 42x optical zoom lens, the little HS50 is a formidable piece of kit when you neeed to get in close the the animals and Gerwyn has used the camera to great effect in both these shots.


I think the Fujifilm Finepix HS50EXR would make a great Christmas present for any photographer so I have put it into the PhotoActive Shop.

Click the picture of the HS50 (right) to see the camera in the PhotoActive shop.

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Carlisle Cathedral Photo Workshop – New Date

I have now re-scheduled the Photography Workshop at Carlisle Cathedral.

The new date will be Saturday 1st March 2014.

Warm photographer in Carlisle Cathedral

As I mentioned in my last post, I had to cancel last week's workshop at the cathedral because of an accident.

I would like to thank all the eager photographers for their understanding an patience – almost all refused a refund and elected to come on the next workshop.

So I am doubly looking forward to meeting this group in March.

There are now some places available on this workshop, so please let me know if you wish to come.

Left – one of the jolliest pictures taken during these Photography Workshops at Carlsile Cathedral – it shows photographer Dallas Carter wrapped up and snug while taking pictures. Yes, we do have a lot of fun while learning more about photography

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Photographer’s Achilles Heel


I had an accident some weeks ago – I snapped my Achilles tendon.

This happened on the last day of the Photography Holiday in Menorca. I was having a great time – relaxing after a successful week and dancing rock ‘n roll with one of the lady photographers. There was no warning – the tendon just snapped.

Photographer Philip Dunn

Following an emergency operation in Menorca, all was doing well – after 7 weeks I was back home and had graduated off two crutches and was able to walk slowly with the aid of just one walking stick.

Then, last week, disaster – I had a fall and there was another painful snap!

After more lengthy hospital visits it was decided that the tendon had not completely re-ruptured, but that it had been badly damaged again.

I am now back using crutches.

All this meant that, at a very late hour, I had to cancel the Photography Workshop at Carlisle Cathedral yesterday.  To the best of my memory this is the first time I have ever had to cancel a photography event and I certainly hope it will be the last.

The photographers were incredibly understanding – almost every one refused a refund and asked me to put their names down for the next workshop at the cathedral.

I so much enjoy these Photography Workshops and I was terribly disappointed to have to let everyone down.

I thank all the photographers for their good wishes. Norene and I have been very moved by the messages I have received – thank you.

I hope to be back to mobility soon after Christmas. I very much look forward to welcoming you as soon as I am able.


Carlisle Cathedral Photo Workshop – pics and poses


Getting the most from the Photography Workshop at Carlsile Cathedral

Preparing for the Photography Workshop at Carlisle Cathedral this coming Saturday, I’ve been taking a look at a selection of the wonderful photographs taken by some of the photographers who have enjoyed these very special days out.

The quality and the variety of the pictures is only matched by the extraordinary variety of positions adopted when the photographers are actually taking the pictures. A small selection of the positions are pictured below…


Above: A variety of reclining techniques adopted by photographers taking pictures in Carlisle Cathedral during the Photography Workshops

Photography Workshop Carlisle Cathedral

Above: Rock solid. The 'five-legged tripod' technique – utterly imoveable – makes me wonder why Derek needed the tripod in the first place

Photography though a mirror at Carlisle Cathedralphotography-workshops-carlisle-fontphotography-workshops-carlisle-cathedral

Above: more methods of holding a camera to get the right shot inside a cathedral


How to photograph stained glass and interiors
And finally – on the left is a beautiful photograph by Jean Whiteside showing that all the photographers' contortions can really pay dividends. This is Jean's picture of the cathedral.

Yes, we do have a lot of fun on these Photography Workshops, and the cathedral staff are very tolerant and make us very welcome.

However, the photographers also learn a very great deal – how to photograph stained glass windows perfectly, for instance.

Places available on Photo Workshop
There are still a couple of places available if you would like to join us this coming Saturday Nov 16 at Carlisle Cathedral. The cost is just £60 for the day and this includes the use of a beautiful medaeval room as our conference room and base for the day.

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LRPS after Venice Photography Holiday

Another of the regular photographers on my Photography Holidays has been enjoying recognition and success.

Since she came on the Photography Tour of Venice earlier this year, my student Sandra Crook, has not only gained her LRPS, she has had two of her pictures – from that very same Venice trip – accepted for the Swansea International Salon.

photographers on Venice Photography Tour

Above: That's Sandra in the centre of the picture – taking pictures in Venice earlier this year. Husband Martin is on the left. Photograph by Philip Dunn

Photography Tour Venice - Venetian mask - Sandra Crook

Camera Skills Learned in Menorca – honed in Venice
Sandra, who with her husband Martin, has also been on the Menorca Photography Holiday, has been putting the skills she learned on these trips to good use this year – with some wonderful trips to northern India and other exotic countries.

Left: Sandra Crook's photograph of a Venetian mask – accepted for the Swansea International Salon.

This is exactly the way I want my students to use the skills they learn from me.  Menorca in particular is the best training ground in the world and the skills and experience gained here in just one week can be applied anywhere in the world. It really does work.

In her most recent email, Sandra told me: “We have both learned so much from you and are extremely grateful”.

Both of Sandra's pictures accepted for the Swansea International Salon were taken on a little Canon Powersot G12, so it does proove that you do not need top-of-the-range DSLR cameras to achieve success.

Below: Sandra Crook's black and white photograph of a group of people in the Venice rain – 'Girl Talk'. This also was taken during Sandra's Photography Holiday in Venice with her husband Martin

Sandra Martin's photograph taken during her Photography Tour of Venice


I very much look forward to seeing more of Sandra  Crook's beautiful photographs when she returns from her latest photography trip.

Meanwhile, you can join us in Venice this coming March for another fantastic 5 Night Photography Tour of Venice. Who knows, you may becaomne an award winning photographer

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